You need to consider if the monument will be an individual or companion marker and then the size and shape. The cemetery may have certain restrictions on width and height so it’s always advised that you are informed about the possible restrictions (if any) in the plot location.

Custom Monuments

Custom Monuments are not commonly seen in cemeteries and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These monuments allow for creativity and imagination.

Upright Monuments

Upright Monuments can be for a single name or for multiple names. These are larger monuments that allow for text and designs on the front or the back.

Slant Monuments

Slant Monuments are ideal for those who want a little more space for names, artwork and dates without the cost of an upright monument. These markers allow for a family name, children names and some artwork on the back of the slant.

Flat Monuments

Flat Markers are sometimes called grass markers and can be set flush or raised. Flat markers, depending on size, will allow for a single or double name and dates.